Important, State-specific Payer and Legislative updates for Behavioral Telehealth Services

As the demand for Telehealth services grows due to the changes brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Behavioral Health Care providers have had to adjust their practices in many ways. In addition to dealing with an increased demand for services combined and restricted access to clients, providers are also facing challenges with interpreting the broad, non-specific payer and legislative updates required to manage their utilization and revenue effectively. While new updates have expanded the services covered, the loosened restrictions and lack of authorization are shifting the responsibility to the provider and could increase the denials later on. Providers must understand these expanded guidelines and seek help if needed in interpreting them to avoid problems with their revenue cycle in the coming weeks.

In response to this situation, at Infinity Behavioral Health Services, our experienced team of legal and revenue cycle experts has been working diligently to centralize, interpret, and clarify State-specific resources to assist our clients with continuity of care. Many states have ordered the expansion of telehealth services and loosened some restrictions around how these services are delivered, including the areas of provider licensing, place of service, and Hippa Rules in connection to the provision of expanded services as Telehealth. We have summarized these relevant findings as a resource to providers; however, more information is released frequently, so this is subject to change. Our team will continue to monitor payer patterns and review updates, and we are available to assist with any further interpretation or advice needed.