State behavioral health guidelines and updates due to COVID-19

State-specific guidelines

Effective 3/20/2020

MD Medicaid will be allowing telehealth services to be provided directly to the home of the patient.

Effective 3/16/2020

Maryland has relaxed state licensing requirements, including interstate license reciprocity for healthcare providers, expanding scope of current practitioners licenses, and allowing those with inactive licenses to engage in medical services.

Understanding new Commercial Payer guidelines

Many commercial payers have also issued important updates explaining their expansion of telehealth services. While expanded coverage includes more services, looser restrictions put the responsibility on the provider to determine appropriate services. This shift can significantly increase the risk of payer denials later on. An informed interpretation of these new guidelines is essential to avoid issues with your revenue cycle in the coming weeks. We are available to further discuss our findings and analysis with you. To learn more about recent updates regarding commercial payer guidelines, please contact us directly.